Job offers at Jaguar Land Rover

How to apply for one of the many jobs at Jaguar Land Rover

When people think of the great companies of British industry, there is no doubt that Jaguar and Land Rover are two of the first to come to mind.

Although the two are one company, currently named Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC, as of 18th January 2008, the pair of course go back much further as individual entities.

Jaguar began all the way back in 1935 and has been a British staple almost ever since.

They’re known for the design of their famous luxury cars but have also played a key role in engineering feats of the British military ever since.

Land Rover, founded in 1948, is just as reputable on the international scene. 

In 2001 it even received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its outstanding contribution to international trade. 

Their most famous product by far is their four-wheel drive, off-road adaptable vehicles.


Since the two companies have combined, it’s been clear that the two have only further cemented their position at the forefront of British engineering’s innovation.

Jaguar Land Rover became the UK’s biggest car manufacturer in 2016, when it produced almost 500,000 cars, overtaking Nissan in the process.

Its impact is made globally, though, with the Wall Street Journal reporting in January 2014 that the company sold a record 425,000 luxury vehicles globally.

Although engineers certainly play a crucial part, an operation of Jaguar Land Rover’s size certainly can’t operate through machinery alone.

The organisation requires administrators, people to deal with customer relations, legal experts and a whole lot more.

As the company becomes ever more global, their jobs diversify further and further although there’s no doubt that the UK is still very much the home and base of operations.

5 of the company’s 6 main facilities for research and development, vehicle assembly, and manufacturing are in the UK, with the other being in India.

These are dotted around the country, with sites close to, Liverpool, Birmingham, the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Coventry and more currently planned in Staffordshire and Shannon, Ireland.

Innovation at Jaguar Land Rover

Some people may think that this line of work isn’t one with that much of a future as we have to learn to deal with climate change.

And cars we may think of as ‘gas guzzlers’ such as Land Rovers might go by the wayside. 

This isn’t anything to worry about, however, as adaptability is a huge part of innovation and Jaguar Land Rover have shown for years that they have an immense capability for innovation.

In fact, at the beginning of 2019 the company announced that, in collaboration with BMW, they would strive to “develop the next generation electric drive units”.

Already hybrid models of cars that would’ve offended eco-warriors a few years ago are being released.

In fact, Jaguar Land Rover announced in 2021 that the 2025 model year would become all-electric for the whole Jaguar range. 

There’s no dispute that car manufacturing is an industry that is having to adjust.

And those who are part of the innovative companies who are prepared to adapt are likely to be involved with something secure and possibly groundbreaking for the long run.

With all this being said, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to work for Jaguar Land Rover?

To make things even better, the company makes applying for a job with them incredibly easy, with a dedicated website set up.


How to apply for a job at Jaguar Land Rover

Here you can easily scroll through the options that are available and even filter through the openings to find something that’s right for you.

If you have a specific job at the company you have in mind, you can search by job title.

If staying close to home is what’s most important to you then the function to search by location is also provided to you.

Jaguar Land Rover isn’t shy about talking salaries either, and you can search by this metric or just see the displayed salaries throughout.

As you’d expect with such a wide-reaching company, the options are varied, but all adverts are given the attention to detail so you can understand them before going through the application process.

Here are just a few of the most interesting picks that highlight the scope of what Jaguar Land Rover does.

Commodity Buyer – Gaydon – Average Salary £35k

“Reporting to the Regional Purchasing Manager this role will see you have responsibility for managing the external supply chain from Jaguar Land Rover suppliers.

You will support the Global Commodity Leaders and Global Strategic Buyers in the development and execution of commodity strategies and the Global sourcing activity through the Global Sourcing Process (GSP).”

Senior Analyst Programme Mgt Office – Gaydon – Average Salary £47k

“You will work as part of a small, multi-skilled team to create the next generation of PCDS, ACDS and all of the unit processes, enabling the business to achieve key improvements such as VB off-tool parts and a longer Launch maturation period.”

System Architect – Coventry – Average Salary £48k

“As an experienced System Architect, you will take on a lead role defining requirements and interfaces with our suppliers and partners and also lead the verification and validation tasks to ensure that the requirements have been met.”

As you can see, whatever history you have or areas of interest, you’re likely to find something suitable.

The application process to get a job

The application process is easy too. Scroll to the bottom of a job posting’s page and click on Apply Now.

If you have a LinkedIn account, which we highly recommend, then you can speed up the process by then clicking on Start apply with LinkedIn.

If not, the second Apply Now button will take you to a screen where you can easily register for an account.

This requires the simple filling-in of some quick personal details and this will lead you to the main application process.

From here you can follow the clear instructions to complete the rest of the application process.

Once you have registered, you can also come back to use the same account to apply for other jobs should you see something else that takes your fancy or a moment of inspiration that makes you want to try another field or location.

Luckily, since everything is made so easy for applicants, the process is a breeze and once you’ve got your first application sent off, it’ll take very little time to pop off a couple more.

Just make you’re getting your confirmation emails afterwards.

If one hasn’t come through after a few minutes from your first application, you’ll want to go back and double-check that you’ve put in all your details correctly.

If you have everything on the Jaguar Land Rover website should be smooth sailing.