The benefits of applying to work for Citi bank

Citigroup, more commonly known as Citi.

Is a multinational investment bank from the USA that is headquartered in New York but is involved in financial services from around the world. In its current form, Citi is relatively new. 

Only in 1998 did it develop into its current state of being when the financial conglomerate Travelers Group merged with the banking-focussed Citicorp to create the Citi that we now know.

Although Travelers Group was then spun off from the corporation just a few years later.

It is one of the notorious Big Four of American banking institutions alongside Wells Fargo, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase. 

Citi is the third largest of the four and consequently, in the whole country. 

Organisations of this size are of systemic importance, playing crucial roles in the economy of not just America, but the world. 

It has previously been described as ‘too big to fail’.


Due to the size of Citi, it is only natural that it operates in many countries across the globe. 

As of writing, its 204,000 employees help the company to operate in more than 160 countries, which are the kind of numbers you’d expect from an organisation that sits at 33rd on the Fortune 500.

The company wasn’t always such a behemoth of finance, however. 

When the City Bank of New York was set up in 1812, it had only $2 million of capital. 

Whilst admittedly inflation makes that number appear smaller than it would have been at the time, it’s still pennies compared to the scale of the operation today. 

By 1929, however, it had become the world’s largest commercial bank, leading the sector from the frontline as an innovator in financial services.

To some readers out there, your initial thought maybe that this financial size is associated with shady backroom deals and banks having too much power. 

Maybe even a Wolf of Wall Street picture pops into your head. 

Things are evolving now, however. 

Whilst the world of finance isn’t all of a sudden spotless in the modern-day.

Of course, the standards of growth and expansion that are becoming the primary method of thought represent a massive change away from the ruthless profit-first method that originally gave banking such a bad reputation.

Nowadays, endeavours relating to sustainability and an environmentally friendly future are taking the front seat.

The world has transformed to such a drastic extent over the past few hundred years that quickly altering humanity’s course whilst averting economic collapse is an ambitious mission, to say the least. 

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It is going to need many incredible brains and people to continue promoting economic prosperity whilst also guaranteeing our global financial system supports those institutions and individuals our ecology can support.

And send the right signals to those who act flagrantly against climate science that requires a new behavioural norm.

Put simply, Citi plays a vital part in the world’s care, its future, and its sustainability. 

With all this ability comes the chance for the organisation to make a tremendous difference for good in the world’s future. 

Because of the organisation’s scope, it is easy to think of Citi as a faceless apparatus that makes all its judgments via a calculator.

But it began with a much smaller team and, whilst there’s no doubt that it’s a bigger number now, continues to be managed and orchestrated by the thousands of staff that work for it.

It’s one thing to have the chance to be part of one of the planet’s most significant organisations and not a factor that should be sniffed at. 

On top of this though is just how simple Citi has made the procedure of getting engaged in the application procedure.

Again, with a particular perception of Citi, you might think you need a brand new fancy suit and a PPE degree from Oxford at the ready to even think about going onto the streamlined website that Citi has. 

In reality, operating an institution of such magnitude requires an entire tapestry of various methods of thought. 

Some people might have the characteristics that match those you see on movie banker stereotypes.

But there’s no way Citi can continually operate without the countless important people with entirely different skill sets that are all vital to the function of the bank’s day to day processes.

Job offers at Citi bank

Here we’ve picked out just a few instances to display quite how mixed life at Citi is and why there’s going to be numerous job postings on the website that will stand out to you.

Compliance Surveillance Analyst – Belfast – £43k average salary

“Serves as a Compliance Risk Analyst for Independent Compliance Risk Management (ICRM)’s Surveillance team responsible for the design, implementation, and oversight for a suite of surveillances designed to detect behaviors that may violate regulatory rules or internal policies and procedures. 

When potentially anomalous behavior is detected, the team is responsible for escalating the activity and working collaboratively with partners across the first and second lines of defense to determine the appropriate resolution of the matter, which may include employee discipline.”

VOC Program Manager – London – £49k average salary

“One of the functions under the ICG Analytics (ICGA) group is Voice of the Client (VoC) and is responsible for maintaining a healthy client feedback system primarily through annual, quarterly, real-time and ad hoc survey programs.

The ICGA VoC assesses our global relationships with our complex clients on a regular basis using a globally consistent methodology and is an integral part of business management, used to identify and manage service issues, as well as client revenue growth and attrition.”

Senior Auditor – London – £37k average salary

“The Senior Auditor is an intermediate level role responsible for managing a small team in performing moderately complex audits and assessments of Citi’s risk and control environments in coordination with the Audit team.”


How to apply for a job at Citi bank

The overall objective is to apply in-depth disciplinary knowledge through value-added perspectives or advisory service to help Citi reach business goals.”

These are just a couple of the options out of the 1300+ postings that are listed on Citi’s website, many of which are based in the United Kingdom and especially London, a global financial powerhouse.

Sending off an application once you’ve found something you like is easy enough. 

Simply click on Apply Now at the top of the post’s page, create an account which is easy enough if you have an email address and then follow the instructions that are sent to you.

Working for such a prestigious institution would be reason enough in itself to send off these applications but when Citi has just made it so incredibly easy for anyone interested, there’s no reason not to. 

Each step of filling out your personal details and sending in your personal CV is made as simple as possible so following the steps is a painless experience that you should waste no time checking out.