The 5 Best Job Finders To Search Jobs Near You

Finding a job has become one of societies most harrowing experiences, as well as one of the most difficult.

To those entering the job market, it can seem like a lost cause. With so many applications to fill out and not enough experience, it can leave you feeling defeated and unmotivated.

But it’s OK, we’ve got you! Just know that you’re not the only one going through this difficulty, especially during a UK COVID-19 job economy.

You may ask: “Ok… but how is the best way to find job near me?”

We’ve listed the top 5 job finder websites to find jobs near you, and we’re going to throw in a tip or two about the best way to use them to get the job you need, unique to that platform! Enjoy!

The first job finder is Indeed

We’d be very surprised if you’ve never heard of this website, as it is one of the world’s most popular job finder sites.

Indeed’s UI has been designed for ease of application, allowing you to apply for a job in less than 3 clicks, assuming you’ve set your Indeed C.V. up correctly

Indeed Tips

Indeed is perfectly set up to attack the job market by using the “numbers game approach”. The more applications, the better the chance of getting a job near you, right.

And the great recommendation is to use the “Where” location filter to choose your city.

Click here to download the Indeed app on your phone: Android / iOS

The second job finder is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a pretty impressive site and often overlooked when it comes to job seeking. It’s mainly used for networking, talking to industry professionals and finding out the latest developments.

But if you can wade past the mountains of people hyping themselves and their company up, you’ll find some great resources and jobs within the job finder portal they have.

You can also follow Linkedin UK on twitter to get the latest news.

LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn is great for one feature mentioned above. Networking.

Find your company on LinkedIn and find the hiring manager, or the decision maker, and ask for advice from them personally.

They’ll appreciate your initiative and may remember you when they look at your application!

Click here to download the LinkedIn app on your phone: Android / iOS

The third job finder is CV-Library

CV-Library is the UK’s favourite job finder site, focussing entirely on the UK job market alone.

Employers can be found searching and scraping the uploaded C.V.’s on this site, so make sure you upload yours and make it great!

CV-Library Tips

If you look beyond the simple function of finding a job, you’ll notice that there’s a section called “Career Advice”.

Here, there’s a ton of tips and tricks straight from the site itself, and it’s kept up to date by career professionals and expert.

There’s no disadvantage to knowing the latest trends on job searching, as it will only bolster the effectiveness of your search.

For example, do you need to write a cover letter in 2021? This article in Career Advice will tell you plainly.

Click here to download the CV-Library app on your phone: Android / iOS

The fourth job finder is Adzuna

Adzuna is pretty great in that their focus from the start was making an extremely affective algorithm.

Because of this algorithm, not only can you find the jobs more suited for you, employers can find employees that are suited for the jobs they have.

Adzuna Tips

Use the algorithm to your advantage. How would employers find you? They’ll be searching for keywords.

A marketing company who are searching for a writer would search for “Marketing writer” so make sure that’s in your C.V., or something similar. Help them find you!

Click here to download the Adzuna app on your phone: Android / iOS

The fifth job finder is Glassdoor

What makes Glassdoor different from the other job finders, is that it holds no punches in revealing what past employees think about said company.

People can leave reviews about working at the company, or what happened during their interview process, so you can get a better insight into the company you plan to apply to.

Glassdoor Tips

The data Glassdoor provides can be used to search for companies of your own criteria.

If you’re looking for a certain thing that’s essential to your workplace, that isn’t obvious on other platforms, this is where to start that journey.

Click here to download the Glassdoor app on your phone: Android / iOS

Finding Jobs Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

There’s a wealth of tools and job finders to help you in this modern age of job hunting.

Whilst it has become a more difficult affair to find any job fast, giving yourself every advantage will always put you ahead of the others who don’t.

Make sure you’re progressing with the right steps towards finding employment. These sites, and their tools, will help you. We wish you luck in your search!