How to Get a Job at Lidl GB

One of the biggest grocery stores in the United Kingdom.

It all started when the first Lidl GB store opened in 1994.

Today, in 2022, there are over 900 stores and 13 distribution centers distributed across Great Britain.

In addition to the large number of stores, Lidl is also one of the largest employers in the country, employing more than 26,000 people.

Lidl provides its customers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.

This is made possible by the way in which they work closely with their suppliers.

They are focused on sourcing locally wherever possible and approximately two thirds of our products are sourced from UK suppliers.

Although the Lidl brand was founded in Germany, it has grown a lot and today it has become one of Europe’s leading food retailers.

Apart from being a retail company, Lidl is one of the companies that cares the most about its employees and their quality of life.

If you’re still reading this article, I assume you’d like to know how to get a job at Lidl and I can assure you… you’re in the right place!

We will show you how to get your dream job at LIDL.


Being one of the largest retail stores in the UK, and one of the largest private employer in the UK, Lidl offers a wide range of job opportunities.

You can find and choose a category based on your interest, skills, qualifications, and passions. Some of them include:

Accounts & Finance


Advertising & Marketing



Communications & CSR


Customer Service

Customs & Import 

Graduate Logistics & Supply Chain



Legal & Compliance

Logistics & Supply Chain


Property & Facilities

Quality Assurance

Sales Operations


Trading Compliance



We will show you exactly how to enter the job site and apply for one of the job openings published by LIDL.

To apply for jobs at Lidl, the first step is to enter the job site and there you will find all the job opportunities currently open to work at Lidl.

Upon entering the job site, you can search and apply for jobs in any of Lidl’s departments.

That is, you can apply for any of the categories listed above here in this text, ranging from working in stores to working in marketing or company administration.

In addition, it also has student internships and full-time opportunities for students.

You can also apply for jobs at Lidl’s distribution centers, you can also apply for remote jobs at Lidl career opportunities, which allow you to work from home.

So, click here and before choosing the role you would like to play, filter the search by the city where you live or want to work.

Then choose the amount of miles away from your address to your place of work.

Now, after these first 2 steps, you will choose which role you are going to apply for.

Search for the most suitable job offer based on your skills, interests, qualifications or location.

Read Lidl’s detailed job description, basic qualifications and preferred qualifications.

Once you choose, click on the blue button called “Apply”, at this point you will be redirected to another tab.

You must fill in the requested data, create an account and log in to a new Lidl jobs account.

When you find the most suitable job offer based on your skills, interests, qualifications or location.

Read Lidl’s detailed job description, basic qualifications and preferred qualifications.

Proceed through the requested steps to apply for the job.

Lidl will contact you if you qualify for an interview. You can also track the progress of your application by logging into the job portal.

So, in summary, just fill in your personal information and a description of your skills, experience, education and educational achievements in the online application form.


We expect you to get to the interview stage quickly, so it is crucial that you prepare for this stage, it is one of the most important, perhaps the most important stage.

It is at this stage that you will show your connection to Lidl’s mission, vision, values and culture and also why you want to work there.

Most applicants, former and current Lidl employees, reported that the Lidl interview is the most important step.

Questions are asked to assess your connection to the company, your knowledge, attitude and experience, getting to know you and how you solved specific challenges during your career.

You will face questions like:

“Tell me about how you handled when you missed a deadline on an important project?”

“Tell me about how you managed to solve a very complex problem super simply? How it was?”

“Tell me about a time you developed something that created value for the company you worked for?”

“Tell me about your proudest professional achievement.”

According to Lidl, their assessments are centered on the company’s culture and values.

Therefore, it is advisable to have a proper understanding of the company culture and principles as you prepare for the steps.

Due to the pandemic situation, Lidl interviews may be conducted online and some in person.



Here are just some of the benefits you’ll receive as a Lidl employee.

Agile Working


Baby Gift

Cycle to Work


Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Eye Care

Flu Vaccination


Lidl Discount Card

Maternity & Paternity pay

NCT Membership

Night Shift Payment



Wellbeing Centre